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Our Services :

Waste Paper

 We source waste paper for all segments of Paper Industries & segment wise grades as listed below:-

  • US Recovered Paper Grades
  • UK Recovered Paper Grades
  • European Recovered Paper Grades
  • Middle East Recovered Paper Grades
  • Australian Recovered Paper Grades

Writing /Printing Papers


Duplex Boards

Kraft Papers

Hard White Envelope Cuttings#30

Over issued Newspaper

Soft White Shavings

New Double Lined Kraft Cuttings

Hard White Shavings#31

old Newspapers

Scan Board

New corrugated cuttings

New Colored Envelope Cuttings#33

News & Pams

Box Board Cuttings

Double Sorted old corrugated cartons

Computer Printouts#42

Magazine Trims

Mixed Papers

Old Corrugated cartons

Manifold White Ledger #41

Printers Mix

Publications Blanks#26

Kraft Multi wall Bags

Sorted White Ledger#40

Old Telephone Books

Box  Board with Poly

Kraft Carrier Board

Manifold Colored Ledger#39

White Blank News


Steel Mill Kraft

Plastic Window Envelopes#30S

Old Magazine


Wexed Corrugated Cuttings

Sorted Office Papers#37

Special News De-ink Quality #8


Beer Cartons Scraps

Coated Book Stock#43



New Corrugated Cuttings/Shavings

Pepsi Cuttings



New Colored Kraft

Polycoated Milk Carton Stocks


Manila File Folder


White Wood Free Books #2.07


Light Color Cuttings


Tissue Papers Waste


Bleached Cup Stock


Colored letters


Muliti – Printing


White Wood free shavings


White Business Forms

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