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Our Services :

We are a quality office stationery manufacturer and exporter from India . Along with office stationery we also manucture innovative paper bound stationery as well as plastic based stationery product like presentation folders, file folders, conference folders,Clips, ring binder, Photoalbums, etc.

we are in the field of office stationery manufacturing and distribution in the domestic market and international market.

Paper Stationery

Our office stationery product range includes

  • Note Book
  • Writing Pads
  • Photo Copy Papers
  • Conference Pads
  • Perforated Pads
  • Gum Pads
  • Scribble Pads
  • and many other office related stationery products.

We are an acclaimed manufacturer, exporter and supplier of School and Office Stationery. Our stationery product range include; Exercise Notebooks, Long Books, Registers, Writing Pads, Conference Pads, Perforated Pads, Scribble Pads, Examination Answer Books, Theme Wall Calendars, etc. All these stationery products can be custom-designed to suit the individual requirements of our clients.

We provides quality products in various size and designs, office stationery comprising the above range is available in 60  to 100 GSM. Cream Wove, map litho and writing paper quality are used employing either, hard binding, thread sewing or wire stitching methods of binding. This stationery product range is available in 50, 80 or 100 sheets  in A4, A5 and A6 paper sizes. They have perforations or gum binding at the top of the page.

Our range of products include:

  • Note Books
    • Exercise Notebooks
    • Sketch Notebooks
    • Rulled Exercise Note Books
    • Composition Note Books
    • Subject Note Books
    • Sketch Books
    • Counter Books
  • Note Pads
    • Writing Pads
    • Duplicate Pads
    • Spiral Pads
    • Loose Leaf Pads

  • Papers
    • Rulled Papers
    • Filled Papers
    • Design Papers
    • Photo Copy Paper

Plastic Stationery

Our plastic stationery is manufactured through environment friendly processes and we produce new and latest plastic stationery that are in sync with the current demands of the user.
  • Plastic Presentation Folder
  • Note Books Covers
  • Plastic Conference Folder
  • Plastic Clip Files
  • Photo Albums
  • Telephone Indexes

We are  manufacturer and exporter of exclusive Stationery Products from India, We market our products all over India and abroad .We supply  presentation folders, file folders, conference folders, Photo albums and other office stationery

Some of our products to be mentioned are:

Plastic Stationery Usage
• Plastic Presentation Folder Our deluxe presentation folder can be used to store your presentation in a classy cover which comes in a wide range of colors.
• Note Books Covers  Our notebook covers are very useful to keep your notebooks in good shape by protecting its cover.
• Plastic Conference Folder Our conference folder can be used to conveniently carry a notepad, pen and other documents together with you while traveling.
• Plastic Clip Files Our plastic clip files can be used to store any document or paper. The clip firmly keeps the document in place.
• Telephone Indexes Our telephone indexes can be used to keep the phone numbers of your friends and associates handy .These come in all shapes and sizes.
• Photo Albums Our extensive range of photo albums will keep you fond memories in your photos safe for years
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