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Our Services :

We offer following paper besides some super special cigarette tissues and components.

Speciality Paper Writing Printing Paper
• Label Base Paper • Maplitho Natural Shade
• Insulating Paper • Wood Free Paper
• Automotive Filter Paper
• Light Weight Bible Paper
• Cigarette Tissues & related Paper • Security Paper
• RYO Paper • Bond Paper
• Cork Tipping Base & White tippint paper • Art Paper C2S
• Plug Wrap Tissue • Art Paper C1S
• Metalising Base Tissues  


Writing Printing Paper

A stunningly wide range of papers to meet communication, packaging and specific industrial needs.  The range reflects the amazing variety of human uses of paper and the depth of our specialization and  knowledge base in developing these unique grades.

    • Maplitho Natural Shade
    • Wood Free Paper
    • Light Weight Bible Paper
    • Security Paper
    • Bond Paper
    • Art Paper C2S
    • Art Paper C1S

Major Market Section that use : Writing Printing Paper
Writing Printing Paper Usage
• Maplitho Natural Shade Printing of Quality Books, Calendars, Maps, Making Premium Diaries, Hi end Exercise Book , Notepads, Scribble Pad
• Wood Free Paper High bulk for text, colouring books and children books, Natural shade for paper backs, Design books and annual reports , Base for coated papers, Security papers
• Light Weight Bible Paper
Religious books, Dictionaries, Directories, Legal publications, Pullouts
• Security Paper Passport, Stamps, MICR Cheque Papers, Tickets/ Vouchers, Certificates
• Bond Paper For corporate and personal communication.
• Art Paper C2S Annual Reports, Calendars, Magazines, Publicity / POP material, Brochures, Catalogues, Posters, Covers, Art and Coffee table books, Air Tickets
• Art Paper C1S Posters, Labels, Stickers, Wrappers, Covers, Wall Calendars


Speciality Paper

We offer the following rang of speciality papers.

    • Label Base Paper
    • Insulating Paper
    • Automotive Filter Paper
    • Cigarette Tissues & related Paper
    • RYO Paper
    • Cork Tipping Base & White tippint paper
    • Plug Wrap Tissue
    • Metalising Base Tissues

Major Market Section that use : Speciality Paper
Speciality Paper Usage
• Label Base Paper Label and Stickers for Pharmacuticals
Cosmetic and Toiletry products
• Insulating Paper Capacitors & Conductors insulators
Cable wrap insulation
• Automotive Filter Paper
Automobile Filters
Generator Filters
• Cigarette Tissues & related Paper This range of paper is designed for cigarette meeting critical requirements of burn rate, ash, ventilation and security and aesthetic needs.
• RYO Paper Cigarette RYO paper in the range of 16-25 gsm
• Cork Tipping Base & White tippint paper Cigarette Cork Tipping Papers are designed for good printability and for rich look.
• Plug Wrap Tissue Cigarette Plug wrap paper with excellent runnability.
• Metalising Base Tissues Gold and Silver covering for cigarette pack.
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