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Truly contemporary products and solutions to meet the requirement of a wide variety of customers seeking high end graphics, fidelity, print appeal and shelf throw efficiency, runnability and trouble free performance on high speed printing and conversion lines with cost effective package performance.

Virgin Board Recycled Board Specialty Board
• CFBB • Double Coated Grey Back • Art Board C2S
• SBS Board • Coated Board Grey Back • Ivory Board
• Virgin Triplex Board
• Coated Board White Back • Single Side Cup Making Board
  • Composite Board All Grey • Barrier Board
  • White Top Composite Board • Mirror Coated Board

Virgin Board

    • CFBB
    • SBS Board
    • Virgin Triplex Board

This range of pulp board is design to meet optimum print results, required in rapidly changing printing and packaging technology worldwide.

Major Market Section that use : Virgin Board

Virgin Board Usage
• CFBB Food Grade Packaging, Cigarettes, Pharmacy, Personal & Health care products, Cosmetics & Toiletries, CD/Floppy Covers, Electronic & Entertainment Products
• SBS Board Advertising Material, Blister Packs, Book Covers, Tags & Inserts, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics & Toileteries, Food & Confectionaries, Promotional Folders & Danglers, Lottery Tickets, Smart Cards
• Virgin Triplex Board
Tags and labels, Paper Bags, Liquid Packaging, Corporate Brochure and Invitation Cards, Visiting Cards


Recycle Board

Environment protection as one of the utmost concern in todays world, this board have been manufactured using recycled fiber.

    • Double Coated Grey Back
    • Coated Board Grey Back
    • Coated Board White Back
    • Composite Board All Grey
    • White Top Composite Board

Major Market Section that use : Recycled Board
Recycled Board Usage
• Double Coated Grey Back
FMCG & Industrial packaging, Hosiery & Garments, Match Shells, Top liners for corrugated boxes, Toys & Games , Cereals
• Coated Board Grey Back FMCG & Industrial packaging, Hosiery & Garments, Match Shells, Top liners for corrugated boxes, Toys & Games , Cereals
• Coated Board White Back
FMCG packaging, Hosiery & Garments, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Publication covers, Stationery & general merchandizing, Perfumes & Attars, Inner frames, Playing cards, Promotional material
• Composite Board All Grey Dairy Covers, Jewellary Boxes, Shoe Boxes, Educational Puzzles for kids, Safety Packaging Cover for Highly Technical Machinery Parts
• White Top Composite Board  

Speciality Board

These board are design to meet special needs of printing, packaging & food and beverage packaging.

    • Art Board C2Ss
    • Ivory Board
    • Single Side Cup Making Board
    • Barrier Board
    • Mirror Coated Board

Major Market Section that use : Speciality Board
Speciality Board Usage
• Art Board C2S Greeting cards, Post Cards, Invitations, Menu Cards Publication & Book covers, Directories, Promotional Folders & Catalogs,Posters & Danglers (POP), Brochures, Tags & Inserts.
• Ivory Board Visiting cards, Greeting cards, Desk calendars, Menu cards, Garment Tags, Folders, Base for embossing, patterned, lacquered specialty cards
• Single Side Cup Making Board
Food and Beverage cups.
• Barrier Board Food Tray and Paper Plates.
• Mirror Coated Board Premium personal & Health Care products, Cosmetics & Luxury products, Pharmaceutical products, Greeting cards, Photo and Picture cards, Posters, Promotional Folders, Danglers (POP)
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